Woolworths customers' bizarre reaction to water pouring from roof

It was a shopping experience like no other in Canberra on Monday with a Woolworths store treating customers to an unexpected water display.

Video shared online shows the roof at the Calwell store, in the city's Tuggeranong region, on the verge of caving in as water gushed through the cracks of the ceiling caused by a storm sweeping the area.

But it was business as usual for most shoppers who barely even noticed as they made their way through the bakery and meat section. One man filmed the in-store display and live-streamed it on Facebook which showed a handful of shoppers going about their usual shop, despite the interruption.

Shoppers at the Calwell Woolworths store with water pouring from roof.
Shoppers weren't fazed by the water pouring down from the roof at the Calwell Woolworths store in Canberra on Monday. Source: Facebook

As the water poured down above her, one woman appears to be browsing the baked goods while others casually strolled through the aisles. In the brief 25-second video it seems not one person even looked up to see what was unfolding before them.

If the sound of running water wasn't enough to alert customers of the incident unfolding, a wet floor sign was placed on the floor in an attempt to keep shoppers safe. But little attention was paid to it as one man steps around it, walking through a puddled mess on the floor.

Social media responds to shoppers' reactions

People on Facebook couldn't help but laugh at the shoppers' reactions to the stream of steady water flowing from above, which by no standard is an ordinary feature inside a supermarket.

"I love that people are still shopping," one mocked online.

"Love the safety Woolworths, allowing customers to continue shopping, but it's all there is 'Slippery wet wet' Caution sign up," said another.

Responding to the criticism, one person who appears to have been in-store at the time said a "hardworking person brought trolleys to block the way so customers don't come and slip, or be wet".

Others tried to work out what was causing the leak. Calwell residents commented that they experienced some rain, despite other parts of Canberra not receiving any, while others thought it could have been a plumbing issue.

Woolworths in Calwell, Canberra.
Woolworths in Calwell, Canberra experienced water damage from the storm that hit the Tuggeranong region on Monday. Source: Google Images

Storm to blame for water damage, Woolworths says

A Woolworths spokesperson confirmed to Yahoo New Australia that a storm in the Tuggeranong region was to blame, and the Calwell store experienced some water damage.

"Our Callwell store remains operational and technicians are on-site to assess the damage to the roof," they said in a statement. "We have notified the centre landlord we are arranging for repairs to begin as soon as possible."

The Tuggeranong region is set to experience more storms on Tuesday afternoon and again on Wednesday. The Bureau of Meteorology forecasts the chance of a thunderstorm, damaging winds, heavy falls and large hail in the afternoon and evening.

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