Shoppers abused by Woolworths customer 'kicked out of supermarket'

Shoppers who filmed a Woolworths customer abusing them in a store claim they were kicked out despite being targeted.

The group was shopping at a Woolworths in Adelaide last month when they filmed the customer who became aggressive towards them.

In the clip shared to TikTok, a woman is heard swearing and loudly screaming at the group of people to stop filming.

“Woolworths please explain why your staff kicked out an Asian family who were being verbally abused in your store instead of the verbal abuser?” a woman who posted the video wrote.

“People need to be held accountable for such atrocious behaviour.”

Pictured is a woman in Woolworths verbally abusing customers.
A woman was filmed verbally abusing customers in a Woolworths store. Source: Facebook

In the video, an angry customer is seen yelling at the shoppers: “You don’t ever f***ing film people without getting permission – do you f***ing understand?”

The customer continues to yell at the group while the person filming tells the woman she needs to stop and Woolworths employees attempt to defuse the situation.

A Woolworths worker then tells the shopper filming that “it’s private property, you cannot film in here”, while the angry customer continues to yell in the store.

“She’s being aggressive, she’s being aggressive,” the person filming is heard saying.

“I have to film to protect you.

“She has been following us and swearing at us.”

The woman then strikes back again, claiming the shoppers filming followed her up an escalator.

Another Woolworths shopper is then heard apologising to the group of shoppers, saying it’s not fair.

However the group is then ushered towards the supermarket exit as the woman remains in the store, swearing loudly.

Video of the incident has since been circulating on social media, with people criticising Woolworths over its handling of the situation.

One person said the ordeal was “disgusting”.

“Shame on you Woolworths,” another said.

“Preposterous and shameful,” somebody else commented.

A person who shared the video said the incident was “really terrible”.

“No one should be abused like this no matter what the reason and yes I think that the Woolworths staff should have taken action to stop the person swearing [their] head off,” they wrote.

Signage for Woolworths is displayed at one of the company's supermarkets in Sydney.
The incident was filmed at a Woolworths store in Adelaide. Source: AAP, file

“Absolutely no reason for Woolworths staff to be taking sides. If the people being abused were asked to leave then so should the person shouting at them.”

A Woolworths spokesperson told Yahoo News Australia in a statement it was aware of the incident at the store.

“Our store team did their best to defuse the dispute in difficult circumstances and subsequently called police to the scene,” a spokesperson said.

“If the customer wishes to make a complaint about the conduct of the other customer to police, we will assist with their inquiries.”

Woolworths did not receive any complaints from either customer since the incident and no shoppers or team members were injured.

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