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Woolworths customer charged $336 for roast chicken

The Woolies customer had no idea she had just been charged an extra $324 for the popular item.

The cost of groceries has been getting "so expensive" lately that a customer admittedly didn't realise she had paid an extra $324 for a mispriced item in her shop at Woolworths on Saturday.

"When I finished and I tapped, I was just glad the money went through. I took the receipt — I didn't want to look [at the price]," she said online.

The customer Karen can be seen (left) and the Woolworths chicken in question is pictured (right).
Woolworths customer Karen couldn't believe how much she had been charged for the popular chicken item. Source: TikTok/kirby.cooper

However it was only after her partner spotted the "defeated" look on her face after thinking she had spent a lot of money on "junk" food that they checked the receipt from the Innaloo store in Perth, revealing she had just paid over 28 times the normal amount for a roast chook.

"$336.66 for a roast chicken? This chicken!" she said, pointing at the bag, marked RSPCA approved. "Did they put it up at the f**king Crown Towers before they killed the bird?".

Customer receives refund from Woolies

After realising the error, the customer went back into the store with her "Nobu-priced chicken" and approached staff who were as equally shocked as she was.

"Wow! What on earth?" the supermarket worker can be heard saying in her TikTok video before processing a full refund for the customer, who giggled with her partner at the worker's reaction at the exorbitant price.

The receipt shows the $336.66 charged for the chicken.
The customer was charged $336.66 for one roast chicken from Woolworths. Source: TikTok/kirby.cooper

Like most groceries, the popular roast chicken item hasn't been immune to price hikes, with the cult Aussie dinner staple now priced at $12 compared to $10 last February.

Woolworths confirmed with Yahoo News Australia the error was caused by a system glitch and no other customer has experienced the same issue with the popular chicken item.

"I went from a $336 chicken to a free chicken! All it cost me was my pride," the shopper said.

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