Woolworths criticised for not honouring 'rain check voucher'

A Sydney man is furious because Woolworths won’t honour a $12 rain check voucher.

The man, a shopper at Woolies in Parramatta, took to Facebook to vent his frustration on Thursday.

He had purchased six protein bars for $2 each.

“Shame Woolworths!” he wrote.

“They would not honour this rain check and I was told ‘too bad we won’t be processing this due to COVID’.”

The man complained of Woolies being “misleading and dishonest”.

A rain check voucher is pictured from Woolworths for $12 worth of protein bars.
A Sydney man's angry that Woolies won't offer his rain check voucher for $12. Source: Facebook

“Called the complaint department and that was even more stressful all over a couple of dollars but it's not the value here it's principle,” he wrote.

Woolies announced on March 11 it would not be honouring rain checks “until further notice” on any “advertised stock”.

“‘Advertised stock’ includes any product advertised for sale, or which is on promotion in store at a Woolworths Supermarket or Woolworths Metro store,” it reads on the supermarket’s website.

In a response to the man’s complaint, Woolies said it was “sorry” on hearing about the man’s frustration.

“Unfortunately until further notice, we've suspended rain checks,” it wrote.

“We're taking all necessary steps to support the needs of as many customers as possible. These are a part of a group of measures.”

People on Facebook were far less sympathetic over the man’s plight for $12.

“Must be a hard life, mate,” one man wrote.

One woman asked, “is that all you have to complain about?”

A Woolworths spokesperson told Yahoo News Australia the supermarket made changes to its returns policy “at the height of the pandemic” to “help support more customers’ access to high demand essential products in reasonable quantities”.

That included rain checks.

“We believe this is a necessary measure to meet the demand of as many shoppers as possible, and thank customers for their patience and understanding,” the spokesperson said.

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