Woolworths backflips on baby formula policy

Woolworths will be reverting back to a two tin baby formula limit per transaction from next week.

In August it was reported that the supermarket quadrupled its limit from two to eight tins per customer, but the decision to reduce the number again is said to be part of an ongoing review of supply.

“We can confirm from next week week the baby formula limit will revert to two tins per transaction,” a spokesperson for the supermarket said.

“We’ll closely monitor our on shelf availability and feedback from customers as we make this adjustment.

“We will communicate this limit to our store teams and ensure our customers are advised by displaying signs in our stores.”

The backflip was announced after a video shared on Reddit on the weekend showed numerous customers queuing with boxes of baby formula at a Woolworths in Melbourne.

“There was a line from one end of the supermarket to the other full of people carrying boxes of baby formula,” Reddit user BeBa420, who shared the video, wrote over the clip from Sunday morning.

Dozens queued to purchase boxes of baby formula at the store. Source: Reddit/ BeBa420

But while some people were shocked by the footage, a Woolworths spokesperson confirmed earlier on Monday that the store did not breach the current baby formula limit. 

At the time of the increase to eight tins a spokesperson for Woolworths said it had been working closely with suppliers and increased the limit per customer as a result of improving baby formula supply.

But that decision was faced with some backlash from parents.

Woolworths confirms the baby formula limit will revert to two tins per transaction from next week. Source: AAP, File image

“This is getting ridiculous … I am now out of A2 formula for my son and have visited 7 stores. There is no increased supply, you just enjoy making more money,” an Ipswich mother told the store at the time.

“This has been a constant problem since my son’s birth. Eight tins at a time is beyond a joke. How about leaving formula for people who have infants to feed?”

Coles also had an eight-tin limit for a short amount of time, but it revised that number several weeks ago.

A Coles spokesperson said: “Coles is committed to ensuring our customers have access to infant formula and as a result we are limiting sales quantities to two units per customer.

“We are working with our suppliers on solutions to improve availability for customers.”