'I will be stuck cleaning toilets': Former women's prison guard barred from employment over affair with inmate

Paula Doneman

A Queensland prison officer has complained on social media that her affair with a female inmate has prevented her getting another government job, 7 News can reveal.

Calling herself #crimlover, the anonymous woman blamed prejudice for her relationship with a prisoner she met behind bars while working as a prison officer at the Brisbane Women’s jail.

“So because I got feelings for someone who has broken the law, which most of us have at some stage in life, I can’t get a government job using one of my six qualifications,” she posted as “feeling furious” last weekend.

“I can’t get a good reference from the past 2 and a half years of me being some what (sic) of a good officer!

The woman's post on Facebook. Source: Supplied

“The rest of my career is determined on what society sees as ‘completely disgusting and wrong.’”

The former officer empathised with offenders saying most had lives “most of us couldn’t dream of”.

“We are all humans who work close with each other, we aren’t kids! (sic) What, are we meant to date our own… the moral of the story is , I will be stuck cleaning toilets or if I’m lucky changing tampon bins because I fell for someone who is more loyal and caring than most.”

The woman claims she won't be able to get government work, despite numerous qualifications. Source: Supplied

The woman received a supportive post from a former female inmate saying the former officer treated her and other prisoners with courtesy and respect.

The woman was suspended for a serious breach of conduct from her job as a Corrections officer at Brisbane Women’s Correctional Centre in July.

Queensland Corrective Services then referred the case to the Department of Justice and Attorney-General’s Ethical Standards Unit for investigation.

She later resigned.

The woman said she fell in love with the criminal inside the correctional facility. Source: Google

Staff who worked with the officer alleged she was in a relationship with the female inmate while she was incarcerated at the jail and on parole. The female inmate is currently on parole.

“Personal or romantic relationships like this threaten the security of the jail and staff. It breaks all the rules, “ an officer told 7 News.

In a statement to 7 News in July, Queensland Corrective Services confirmed they had suspended a custodial officer from Brisbane Women’s jail but denied it was for sexual misconduct.

“QCS carefully considers alleged breaches of the code of conduct and where serious breaches are suspected, suspension is invoked. The custodial officer who was suspended subsequently resigned,” the statement read.

This week the QCS cited privacy reasons for not commenting further on the case.

They also declined to comment on allegations a second female officer recently left Brisbane Women’s jail for an inappropriate relationship with an inmate.

QCS statistics show nine correctional officers are under investigation between 2016 and 2017 for inappropriate relationships with inmates.