Women fight for life after ouija board warning

The women had reportedly been trying to contact their dead dog with a Ouija board. Photo: AAP.

A woman and her daughter have been left in a critical condition following a blaze at their home after reportedly using a ouija board to contact their dead dog.

Neighbours say Margaret Carroll and Katrina Livingstone have repeatedly tried to contact their pooch Molly, Metro reports.

Molly was killed by Carroll’s husband, who had drowned her in the bath then claimed she had run away.

The crime was only discovered when he cut up the dog’s body and tried to put it down the drain, causing a blockage.

He has pleaded guilty to causing unnecessary suffering to an animal and is to be sentenced later this month.

A neighbour said she spoke to Miss Livingstone on Friday evening, who told her a ouija board reading had said she and her mother were going to die.

Then on Saturday morning, a fire broke out at their home in Consett, Durham County, England.

The women were later found in the back garden with injuries unrelated to the fire.

They have both been arrested on suspicion of arson.

A police spokesperson said the two women, aged 60 and 37, remain in a critical condition in hospital.

Afternoon news break – February 3