Woman's warning after chilling encounter with stranger on road

A woman has shared a chilling warning to other female drivers following a traumatising late-night ordeal at a set of traffic lights.

Alyssa Gray was passing through Balmain, in Sydney's inner west, at about 10pm a few weeks ago when she noticed a man signalling at her while she was stopped at the Victoria Road and Darling Street intersection.

A man in the car next to Ms Gray got her attention and requested she wind her window down so he could tell her something.

Alyssa Gray and her boyfriend Jack.
Alyssa Gray's boyfriend Jack was in the back seat when a man told her to pull over. Source: Supplied

Ms Gray's boyfriend Jack was sitting in the back - out of view - due to her surfboard taking up the front seat at the time.

"He [the other driver] said, 'you've left your phone on the roof'," she explained in a TikTok video.

"I know I haven't because my phone died a couple of hours ago and is in my bag next to me," she said.

The other driver repeated himself, telling her, "you've left your phone on your roof, you should pull over up there and you should get it off".

She then checked with Jack to make sure he had his phone, to rule out the possibility there was actually something on the roof.

Jack held his phone up to show her, confirming the other driver was likely up to no good.

Once again, the other driver told her to pull over and get the phone from her roof.

"So I put down the back window and my partner goes, 'hey mate, what's up?'," she said.

"At this point the guy is taken aback, I think up until now he thinks I was by myself. So he speeds off [and] we drive around making sure no one is following us."

When the couple got home, they confirmed there was nothing on the roof.

"I just wanted to bring this to people's attention and to make you aware," she told viewers.

Traffic at Victoria Road and Darling Street in Balmain.
The unsettling incident unfolded at the busy intersection of Victoria Road and Darling Street in Balmain (pictured). Source: Google Maps

Ms Gray told Yahoo News Australia she had yet to report the incident to police but was planning to.

She didn't report it at the time due to feeling like she didn't have enough information to pass on.

NSW Police said it was not aware of the incident and could not speculate on why the driver wanted Ms Gray to pull over.

Some social media users suggested he may have been trying to steal her car.

Many reported having similar experiences, including men telling them they had a flat tyre and needed to pull over.

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