Woman's 'Grinch' neighbours complain her Christmas lights are 'too bright'

A woman says her neighbours are “definitely acting like Grinches” after they complained her Christmas lights were too bright.

Last year, Brisbane mum Katie Raynor put up her first Christmas lights display.

The council received 10 complaints about the Christmas lights, according to A Current Affair.

Ms Raynor told ACA she received emails, letters and visits from the council over the Christmas lights and she said she tried her best to comply with the guidelines the council gave her, including turning off the lights by 10pm.

A Brisbane mother had 10 complaints made to council against her for her Christmas light display last year. Source: A Current Affair.

Last year was the first time Ms Raynor’s four-year-old son Archie, who has autism, got into the Christmas spirit, Ms Raynor explained to ACA.

“I never thought he'd speak, so actually hearing him, and getting excited about things, I cried, it's just like, joy,” she said.

This year Ms Raynor decided to be proactive and she wrote a letter to her neighbours urging them to knock on her door if the lights become a nuisance.

While the letter Ms Raynor sent to her neighbours received praise online and reaffirmed to her she was “doing the right thing”, her neighbours say it’s not just the Christmas lights.

The neighbours would not appear on camera for ACA, however they said off-camera the other lights and noise coming from her house was causing them grief.

Katie Raynor keeps her porch light on year round to deter criminals. Source A Current Affair.

Police allegedly advised Ms Raynor to keep a light on year round after a neighbour’s home was broken into, which she told ACA she does do.

This year Ms Raynor has decided she will not put Christmas lights down the side of her home.

She still has plans to set up for this year’s festive season, but she won’t turn them on until December 1.

“Christmas is time for family, and not council complaints,” Ms Raynor told ACA, adding she wouldn’t let her neighbours “discourage” her, or take Christmas away from her son.

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