'Absolutely vile': Woman's sickening find in Chinese takeaway

A woman posted images of a disturbing discovery in her takeaway food on social media, and the photos have left people gagging.

“Do not use Newtown Chinese Worcester” Stephanie McDonough posted Saturday on Facebook.

The warning was accompanied by images of what appeared to be a human tooth found inside of a Chinese take away meal purchased from a restaurant in Worcestershire, England.

A “furious” Ms McDonough asked users for advice after the fast-food outlet denied responsibility.

They’re “trying to say it’s just gristle from the pork, then said it could be from the onion, UM IT’S A F*****G TOOTH,” she wrote.

The post quickly went viral and has been shared over 5000 times with Facebook users reacting with disgust over the find.

“Absolutely vile,” one person said.

Another suggested it may not be pork in the dish.

“Honestly utterly disgusting, are you eating a dead body?” a person wrote.

Ms McDonough dubbed the meal “pork and tooth curry” and after complaining to the restaurant, she said she was only offered a refund for the dish.

“They sent a delivery driver out last night with £6.30 (A$11) refund, they will only refunded the contaminated food not the rest... still no apology,” she wrote.

Images of what looks like s human tooth found in a Chinese take away meal.
Stephanie McDonough dubbed the meal “pork and tooth curry” after the "vile" find in her take away meal. Source: Facebook

One person suggested it may not be a human tooth.

“Could it have been a pigs tooth maybe? Even so, I cant believe how they have reacted about it,” a user said.

Ms McDonough wrote that she reported the incident to Environmental Health and was advised to freeze a portion of the “horrid” meal so the UK Department of Health could collect it and determine what the added ingredient is.

“If that’s from pork where they getting the meat from?” one person asked

“I dread to think” Ms McDonough replied.

Ms McDonough said that although the restaurant has now offered her a free meal, she won’t be rushing back any time soon

“No thanks I might find a finger,” she said.

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