Woman's 'disgusting' bubbler act while walking her dog

A woman is being blasted for apparently using a water fountain to bathe her dog’s behind in a popular park and walking away when someone confronted her about it.

The photo of a woman appearing to give her Pomeranian a “refreshing blast on the old butthole” was shared to Reddit and was said to be taken at a park in Melbourne.

“So... she did the dog bidet thing, then took the poor dog to the ladies,” the person who shared the photo said.

“Then back to the fountain for a cool refreshing blast on the old butthole. Then she placed the poor thing on the ground where she tried to splash water on the poor thing’s rear (who was straining on the lead to get as far away as possible).”

A woman was blasted on Reddit for appearing to clean her dog's behind in a water fountain at a Melbourne park.
A woman was blasted on Reddit for apparently bathing her dog's behind in a water fountain. Source: Reddit

The person who shared the photo explained their partner approached the woman and said she was “f***ing disgusting”, and the woman walked away with her dog.

“About 5 mins later an older guy took a drink from the fountain as he was wiping the drops of water off his face I decided I didn’t have the heart to tell him he just used the dog bidet,” the person on Reddit wrote.

Someone asked the original poster if they reported the woman, to which they said it probably would not narrow things down to report a “blonde middle aged woman in gym gear holding a damp Pomeranian”.

However, a request to clean the bubbler was reported to the City of Melbourne through their website.

The woman with the Pomeranian did not seem phased when she was confronted. Pictured is a stock image of the dog.
The woman with the Pomeranian did not seem phased when she was confronted and allegedly just walked away. Pictured is a stock image of the dog. Source: Getty Images, file

To no one’s surprise, people were upset with the woman accused of cleaning her dog’s rear end in a water fountain.

“This is so wrong. People nowadays have a sense of entitlement that they can do anything – they need to have some respect for others,” a Reddit user wrote under the thread.

“As if drinking from public water fountains wasn't enough of a gamble,” another person said.

The thread was then shared into the ‘Entitled B****’ subreddit, where the comments about the woman were just as brutal.

“Wow, that’s f***ing disgusting,” one person said.

“Wow, at least animals have boundaries,” another wrote.

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