Woman's 'confronting' find in undies drawer: 'No idea what they are'

The family dogs were going 'berserk' for hours before the woman opened her bedroom drawer.

Pulling your undies drawer open to grab a fresh pair is something we do every day but one woman was left stunned by a "confronting" discovery squirming beside her socks last month.

Aussie mum Vicki knew something was in her bedroom in her Brisbane home since the family dogs were going "berserk” the night before — she just didn't know what. It was only after a full night's sleep, getting up and getting dressed for the day ahead that she finally got her answer.

"The next morning she woke up and she was getting ready to go to work, she opened up her underwear drawer and found this family of baby, I'm assuming mice or rats," Vicki's daughter Phoebe told Yahoo News Australia.

The interesting find in her undies drawer consisted of eight pink animal babies huddled around one another.
Phoebe Parsons' mum Vicki made the interesting find in her undies drawer last month, with a local vet believing they were either rat or mice babies. Source: Supplied

Inside the drawer were eight "tiny" animal babies all huddled around one another, so "fresh" their eyes hadn't even opened yet.

Vet had 'no idea' what type of animal was found

It was unclear how the animals managed to get into the drawer, with the mum nowhere to be seen, but Vicki believed they were only hours old when she found them.

"It's actually bizarre. I have absolutely no idea how the mum would have gotten in there," Phoebe said, believing the family dog had likely scared away the mum.

Despite the unexpected turn of events, Phoebe believes there was "no better" person to find the animals than her own mum, pointing at her caring nature and referring to her as "Doctor Dolittle". "She will go out of her way to save a mosquito," she added.

Vicki scooped the animals into a shoebox and took them to her local vet clinic — with staff also unsure what type of animal they were, given they had just been born.

"The vet thought they were probably either rats or mice but they had no idea," she said.

The animals were handed over to the clinic and Phoebe and Vicki haven't received any update since.

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