Woman shares bizarre symptoms months after Covid recovery

A woman who fell ill with Covid-19 says the virus has left her senses of taste and smell distorted months after she has recovered.

Sarah Govier, 44, from Kent in southeast England, tested positive for coronavirus in May.

Losing your sense of smell and taste have been identified as common coronavirus symptoms.

Ms Govier told UK newspaper, the Metro, that she lost her sense of smell and taste the afternoon after having her test and started crying when she couldn’t pick up the scent of her perfume or enjoy a curry.

It was only six weeks ago that her senses returned, but now she’s experiencing something new.

Sarah Govier, 44, is pictured.
Sarah Govier, 44, has parosmia, also known as smell and taste distortion, after becoming sick with Covid-19. Source: Facebook/ Sarah Govier

She said meat tasted floral – like soap or perfume. Toothpaste began tasting like petrol and coffee smelled like fumes from a car.

“Garlic and onions smelt awful – I can’t even describe it, and because they’re in basically every recipe or ready meal, it made cooking very challenging,” she told the Metro.

Ms Govier has also noticed sweat smells much stronger.

“A small bit of perspiration in my clothes smells like rotten cabbage, and when you can smell yourself all the time you get really paranoid,” Ms Govier said.

She has also become hypersensitive to the smell of urine.

The 44-year-old is living with what’s called parosmia or a distortion of smell. This is also anosmia which is a total loss of smell.

Expert reveals Covid’s impact on nerves linked to smell

Ear, nose and throat surgeon Professor Nirmal Kumar told Sky News most of those with parosmia have “unpleasant” smell distortion.

"This virus has an affinity for the nerves in the head and in particular, the nerve that controls the sense of smell,” he told Sky News.

"But it probably affects other nerves too and it affects, we think, neurotransmitters - the mechanisms that send messages to the brain."

Ms Govier isn’t alone either.

Daniel Saveski, 24, from London, also has parosmia and told Sky News garbage bins now either smell like burning sulphur or toast.

A woman eating scrambled eggs on toast.
People with Covid have suffered loss of smell or even a complete distortion of their taste buds with food they used to enjoy now tasting and smelling completely different. Source: Getty Images (file pic)

Jess Boyes from Halifax in England told the BBC some things for her now taste “absolutely horrid”.

"It's like eating gone-off meat that has been left festering in the bin with some fish and stale body odour on top,” she told the BBC.

Kate McHenry told the BBC “meat tastes like petrol and prosecco tastes like rotting apples”.

Mary Walsh wrote for lifestyle publication Men’s Journal in August she made herself a tequila, soda and lime but was forced to spit it out.

Sarah Govier, 44, is pictured.
Ms Govier said some smells have also been enhanced such as sweat and urine. Source: Facebook/ Sarah Govier

“What I tasted was a forgotten pile of vegetables left way too long in the fridge— like rotten zucchini had been muddled into the beverage,” she wrote.

“A putrid, ripe smell emanating from the glass caught my nose and I gagged, dumping the tequila down the sink.”

There are more than 80.6 million cases of coronavirus confirmed worldwide, according to Johns Hopkins University.

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