Woman 'used lover's dead wife's ID card to check in for hotel tryst'

A woman has been fined after using the ID card of her lover's dead wife to check into a hotel after forgetting her own.

The woman's love interest, identified only as Zhang, handed her the card as the pair arrived at a hotel in Dandong, China, in December, The South China Morning Post reported.

As part of Chinese law, all Chinese residents are required to present their official identity document when checking into hotels and purchasing train tickets among other things.

A police search of the hotel discovered the deceitful behaviour. Source: SCMP

Their deception was brought to light after a police officer randomly did a sweep of the hotel to check guest's identification.

The woman initially argued that the photo on the card didn't look like her because the image was so old, however after a quick database check the officer discovered the woman she was claiming to be was deceased.

She was slapped with a 500 yuan ($100) fine while the hotel was also told to cough up $40 for negligence.