Woman turns tables on harasser

India's incidence of gang rape and sexual harassment is a source of national shame.

But one woman has fought back, chasing and kicking a man who sexually harassed her in the street.

The Bangalore Mirror reports that Veena Ashiya Chindlur was on her daily run in her local park when a man started to sexually harass her.

Ms Chindlur demands the man get on the ground. Photo: Supplied

But Ms Chindlur did not cower or run away, instead she confronted the man, chased him, hit him and then reported him to police.

Ms Chindlur's friend recorded the incident on her phone and the pair were able to give images of the perpetrator to police who had tracked him down and arrested him within 40 minutes.

The women posted the video to Facebook where it became a sensation in a country where women are regularly victimised.

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