Woman's 90-minute Jetstar flight replaced with 10-hour journey across Australia

In another day of unpredictable air travel, an Aussie woman has poked fun of a situation that led her to almost catch a 10-hour flight from Sydney to Melbourne.

Alexandra Duffin had a flight from Sydney to Melbourne at 9.45pm on Sunday, when she got an email from Jetstar at about 12pm saying her flight was cancelled due to "operational requirements" and that she needed to rebook.

"So I straight away did the replacement flight and saw 8.25pm to Melbourne — that doesn’t seem that bad, it's just an hour earlier," she said on TikTok.

A Melbourne woman joked online about how her flight was cancelled and  she accidentally booked a 10 hour journey home from Sydney. Source: TikTok/alexandra.duffin
A Melbourne woman joked online about how her flight was cancelled and she accidentally booked a 10-hour journey home from Sydney. Source: TikTok/alexandra.duffin

However when she was emailed the itinerary she noticed an important detail she accidentally missed.

"I'm going to f***king Darwin," she laughed in her TikTok.

"I'm going from Sydney to Darwin to Melbourne, I land in Melbourne at 6am in the morning. It's a 10-hour flight.

"Guys help me I don’t know what I'm doing with myself."

Ms Duffin spoke to Yahoo News Australia, saying if she caught that flight, she would leave Sydney at 8.25pm, get to Darwin at 11.20pm, leave Darwin at 1.10am and finally arrive to Melbourne at 6.50am the following day.

"You’re going ‘all around the world' pretty much," she jokingly said to Yahoo.

Others share similar experiences online

Like Ms Duffin, people in the comments saw the funny side to her error.

"Nice doing a bit of sightseeing of Australia," one person said.

"You'll save on a night in a hotel I guess," another said, to which Ms Duffin replied "that’s true".

"Thanks for the hard laughs," a third person said.

Many also commented on times they had landed themselves in similar situations.

"I flew Sydney to the Sunshine Coast via Melbourne due to cancellations it’s insane at the moment," one person said.

"They did that to me too! Brisbane - Darwin - Melb," another said. "Was a total 26hr flight, I asked for another change haha".

Woman ended up rebooking another flight

To avoid the 10-hour journey, Ms Duffin ended up swapping for a 7pm Qantas direct flight, meaning she had to leave earlier than planned — having come to Sydney for an event.

"It was a decent amount of time to be notified (about the cancellation) but (they) probably should’ve told me the night before," Ms Duffin said to Yahoo.

"Because how did they know I didn’t have something planned?

"I was actually a bit annoyed, because I had my seat and extra luggage paid for".

Despite the wild lead-up, she was happy the journey back home was "smooth".

"Glad I made everyone laugh," she said on TikTok.

Jetstar comment on cancelled Sydney to Melbourne flight

Yahoo News Australia reached out to Jetstar, who explained the situation on their end.

"One of our Sydney to Melbourne flights last Sunday was cancelled due to an engineering issue that required an inspection," a spokesperson said.

"We offered Ms Duffin a wide number of alternative direct flight options to get her on her way as quickly as possible.

"We thank Ms Duffin for her flexibility and were pleased to be able to assist her to choose a flight at a time that suited her."

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