‘Crushes me': Woman’s 'utter disgust' at repulsive find on beach

Kamilia Palu
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A woman has made a disgusting discovering while out for a walk along her local beach that has since gone viral online.

Hannah Beaumont, from Devon in the UK, planned to collect rubbish on her walk along a coastal path but never thought she would fill up her “huge” garbage bag with dog poo - 101 bags of it to be exact.

Ms Beaumont found dozens and dozens of dog poo bags discarded in bushes along the walking track, telling BBC News the find left her in “utter disgust”.

Dozens of dog poo bags cover the ground alongside a pile of rubbish that was found by Devon woman Hannah Beaumont.
Hannah Beaumont found 101 bags of dog poo along with a variety of other rubbish while walking along her local beach. Source: Facebook/Me & The Plastic Sea

“As I went picking it up I kind of realised: ‘Ok, there’s going to be quite a lot’,” she said.

“But as we saw them and we laid it out in front of us it was a real shock and disgust, utter disgust.”

Photos of the pile of small, black plastic bags went viral on Facebook after being shared on Ms Beaufort’s page, Me & The Plastic Sea.

The post has been shared more than 700 times, with viewers left sickened by the sheer amount being discarded.

“These dog owners cannot consider themselves animal lovers,” one woman wrote.

“It is bizarre that people go to the trouble of putting dog poo in a plastic bag and then just leaving it somewhere. This is worse than not picking it up in the first place,” a man added.

Hannah Beaufort's pile of garbage is spread out over the concrete.
The bags were laid out after the walk, leaving Ms Beaufort in shock at how many there were. Source: Facebook/Me & The Plastic Sea

Ms Beaufort echoed their sentiments.

“If you have a dog, pick up after it. That’s part of the dog owner rules,” she told BBC.

Along with the poo bags, Ms Beaufort also found eight glass bottles, six plastic cups and bottles, more than 40 wrappers, four balls, two toys, 14 cans and two masks.

“The bag weighed an absolute tonne and I still feel utterly deflated at the amount there was,” she wrote on Facebook.

“This crushes me.”

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