Woman 'shamed' by Alaska Airlines over 'inappropriate' outfit

A woman has slammed a US airline after claiming she was shamed over her choice of outfit.

TikToker @badbish1078 posted a video of her sitting on the plane with the caption: "Alaska Airlines just told me I had to 'cover up' if I wanted to get on the plane".

She panned her camera down to reveal her outfit – a mid-riff low-cut tank top and frayed denim shorts.

She added she refused the request the cover up, but did not explain how she was still able to board the plane.

Her viewers were outraged she was called out for the outfit, with one saying it was "ridiculous".

"Excuse me, what?" one commented.

"You're kidding," another said.

"What the hell?" a third added.

A woman shows off an outfit that was deemed inappropriate by Alaska Airlines staff.
The woman shared a photo of the outfit that Alaska Airlines staff allegedly wanted her to cover up. Source: TikTok/@badbish1078

Another left a hashtag on the video that said #cancelalaskaairlines.

Some were not surprised, with one saying women being refused to board planes over their outfits was a common occurrence.

"This happened to somebody else I know too," a comment said.

Yahoo News has contacted Alaska Airlines for comment.

Love Island star slams Jetstar

It comes after Love Island star Amelia Marni called out Jetstar for shaming her for her outfit.

The influencer was wearing a black crop top and khaki pants, with a male flight attendant allegedly telling Marni she needed to “cover up” as her clothing was “too revealing”.

Marni shared a photo of her outfit on her Instagram story, writing: “We love a sl*t shame moment."

Amelia Marni poses at an airport with her luggage.
Love Island star Amelia Marni called out Jetstar after she claimed a flight attendant said her outfit was inappropriate. Source: Instagram/@ameliamarni

She further explained that the male flight attendant said her outfit was “inappropriate” to wear on Jetstar.

Jetstar said in a statement while the airline had basic dress requirements for flights, they did not have a policy regarding crop tops.

"Our team will reach out to Amelia and to our crew member to understand what’s taken place, and we apologise if there’s been any misunderstanding of our policy," the spokesperson said.

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