Woman’s Leg Saved After Grisly Shark Attack in Sydney Harbour

Aerometrex Pty Ltd via Getty Images
Aerometrex Pty Ltd via Getty Images

Residents in Sydney, Australia, have been warned to stay out of the water after a shark mauled a woman in Sydney Harbour and left her leg “trailing behind her.” The woman, identified as Lauren ONeill, was swimming in Elizabeth Bay at 7.45 p.m. Monday night local time when what is believed to be a bull shark bit her on the leg. A witness who rushed to help, Michael Porter, told “The water was just red. She had just managed to prop herself up on the pool and her leg was just limping, sort of trailing behind her.” Mr Porter also told Sky News that he had just returned home when he heard someone scream in the water nearby. He called emergency services and rushed to the scene. “From the knee down was completely open. It was like the worst horror movie you’ve ever seen,” he said. ONeill was rushed to hospital and on Wednesday, local time, doctors revealed they were able to save the 29-year-olds leg after undergoing extensive surgery. According to The Daily Telegraph, she is in stable condition. A statement obtained by the outlet from O’Neill said she “wishes to thank the heroic and very kind neighbours for the critical assistance provided.”

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