Woman thrown to her death by jet blast from plane taking off

A New Zealand woman has reportedly been thrown to her death by a jet blast from a plane at a Caribbean beach.

The 57-year-old tourist was blown away in Sint Maarten and suffered serious injuries before she died a short time later, according to 721News.

The site is a tourist destination on the island country with many coming to visit to see aircrafts fly low above their heads.

The News Americas website reported the woman was holding onto a fence of the runway when a Boeing 737 departed for Trinidad on Beacon Hill Road, Maho Beach at 6pm.

The force of the jet’s engines blew her backwards and she hit her head on a concrete pavement.

Paramedics rushed to help her but she couldn’t be saved.

St Maarten Tourism Authority director Rolando Brison told SXM news he had met with the woman’s family.

"At this time I only wish to express my deepest sympathy to the family and loved ones while we continue to investigate what exactly transpired just hours ago," he said.

In 2012 a woman was seriously injured in the area when she was thrown against a concrete barrier by the blast of arriving plane.