Woman jumps from moving car she was driving to escape kidnappers

A woman has recalled the terrifying moment she jumped from the moving car she was driving to escape kidnappers.

Jordan, who wishes to be identified only by her first name, a 20-year-old university student in Columbia, South Carolina is being called “James Bond” after a daring escape attempt, according to NBC.

The student was abducted and leapt out of the vehicle as it travelled over 50km/h.

Jordan said she was confronted by three men who had been hiding behind a nearby car outside her apartment complex.

Jordan said she was lucky to get away. Source: NBC

The men shoved her, asked for her purse, phone and pin number for her bank card.

She said they then pulled a gun out, pointed it at her head and told her she was coming with them to the bank.

"I said, 'You already have everything. Why can’t I just leave?'" Jordan said.

The woman then tried to scream for help but one of the men threatened to shoot her.

She drove them to the bank and withdrew $300 from a drive-through ATM, but even after handing over the money her ordeal wasn’t over.

As the group pulled out of the parking lot, Jordan said one of the captors told her she would be forced into having sex with one their friends.

Jordan remembered advice from her mother, who was also nearly a victim of sexual assault at university, not to let the men take her anywhere secluded and began to fake confusion when her captors told her to drive off the main road.

“I’m going to be strong, like my mum and I’m going to get out of this,” she told reporters.

Instead, when she saw the headlights of oncoming cars, she began to slow down.

“I’m thinking, ‘I have to do this now. I have to do this now,’” she said.

She said the next thing she remembers is hitting the pavement after leaping from the driver’s seat.

It’s from the road Jordan managed to hail another driver down who helped her find police at a nearby petrol station.

While Jordan managed to escape with a few bumps and bruises, she said her experience is a warning to others.

“Please be careful you guys. I almost died tonight,” she said on Twitter.

“The only reason I wasn’t raped and most likely killed was because I kept my head and jumped out of my own moving vehicle on a busy street to get away.

Richland County Police dubbed the 20-year-old “James Bond” at a recent press conference.

They have since arrested three men they suspect were involved.

Two of them are believed to be teenagers.