Woman, 20, stops breathing during cosmetic surgery

A woman has been rushed to hospital in Sydney after apparently suffering cardiac arrest during a cosmetic procedure.

Staff at The Cosmetic Institute in Parramatta called paramedics at about 10:15am on Friday after the patient stopped breathing.

Paramedics used a defibrillator and conducted CPR on the woman, believed to be in her 20s, before transporting her to hospital.

A spokeswoman for NSW Ambulance said the woman arrived at Westmead Hospital in a serious condition.

Managing director of The Cosmetic Institute, David Segal, believes the incident was the result of an unexpected reaction to anesthetic.

Ambulance staff take the woman away from The Cosmetic Institute in Parramatta. Photo: 7News

Mr Segal would not say what type of cosmetic procedure the woman was receiving, but said he was happy to hear her condition had improved.

"I'm pleased to hear the patient is up and awake, is currently being held at Westmead Hospital just for further testing and observation, but she's up and awake and she's fine," Mr Segal said.

The Cosmetic Institute most readily performs breast augmentations on patients under anesthetic but also offers liposuction, eyelid rejuvenation and labioplasty.

An advertisement from The Cosmetic Institute.

Mr Segal said his clinic was the largest provider of cosmetic surgery in Australia.

He added that all cosmetic procedures, including those performed in The Cosmetic Institute's Parramatta and Bondi clinics, posed some threat to patients.

“With any type of procedure that you undergo, there are always going to be risks associated with it."

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