Woman hospitalised after getting unusual piercing she spotted online

A woman has revealed the scary moment she ended up in hospital after getting an unusual ear piercing after seeing it done online.

Gabriela Lacerda, 21, chose to get the ‘inner conch’ done – located directly in the middle of the ear – after seeing others sporting similar styles. Little did she know the pain that would follow.

Just days afterwards, the student was rushed to hospital with her ear swollen, bright red and leaking puss.

She later shared the ordeal on TikTok, warning others of the risks.

Woman pictured in bikini and at hospital.
After sharing her story on social media, it's clear others have had similar experiences. Source: Jam Press

Gabriela, from Belo Horizonte, Brazil, said the got the piercing done professionally, “however, about three days later I started having problems. I went straight to the hospital where they told me I needed surgery.

“They had to drain the abscess to remove the purulent secretion. It was the worst pain of my life!”

Purulent drainage is a thick, milky white discharge indicating an unhealthy wound or infection.

In the clip, Gabriella can be seen lying on the piercing table as she has her ear punctured. She then shows pictures and videos of the days following, where she can be seen crying in pain. Slowly, her ear gets redder and swollen, and puss starts to gather.

She later found herself in hospital with a bandage wrapped around her face to keep her ear clean.

ear piercing wound pictured
The 21-year-old's piercing ended with a three day hospital stay. Source: Jam Press

After sharing her story online, others also shared similar horror stories with one TikTok follower revealing how the seemingly simple piercing ended up with her needing to take "30 days taking antibiotics".

"My conch took almost two years to heal," they added.

“Similar happened to me, I just didn't need surgery, good recovery for you,” another commented.

Gabriela, who got her conch in September this year, is now fully recovered and doesn't plan on getting more piercings anytime soon.

“I stayed in the hospital for three days until I stopped feeling pain completely and was discharged," she said.

“I have to take antibiotics for the next 10 days and have my ears cleaned daily.”

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