Woman on holiday left with fractured skull after hostel bashing

A woman is recovering in hospital after becoming the victim of a “brutal assault” at the hostel where she was staying in Spain.

According to a Givealittle page for Agnes Wong, she has no memory of what happened in the port city of Malaga last week, but witnesses claim she was kicked and hit over the head.

The fundraising page was set up by Ms Wong’s friend Erike Ng who describes the woman, originally from Auckland, as “selfless” and “one of the most beautiful people on Earth.”

Ms Ng said that her friend now has a “serious head injury, with skull fracture, brain bleeding and clots.”

“She has been recovering each day, and is now regaining some of her sass and stubbornness!” 

A fundraising page has been set up to support Ms Wong during her recovery. Source: givealittle.co.nz

Ms Wong’s family have travelled from New Zealand over the past week to be by her side.

If insurance allows it, it is hoped she can be transferred to London for further treatment and rehabilitation when her condition has improved.

The Givealittle page explains that Ms Wong was a charity volunteer and is now asking that people support her during this difficult time.

“She was a St John Youth volunteer during her time in New Zealand where she has impacted so many youth’s lives.

“And she carries on doing this with the fire brigade youth services during her time in London,” it reads. 

The money raised will be used for her recovery and associated costs, and to help with her family’s travel expenses.