P-plater's 'hypocritical' response to $572 fine for fake parking permit

There was a strong sense of irony over the weekend when a Sydney P-plater hit back at police after receiving a fine for using a fake disabled parking permit.

Police spotted a Range Rover Sport with P-plates parked in a “clearly marked” disabled spot in Croydon Park at about 7pm on Friday.

The vehicle’s 28-year-old female driver produced a Mobility Parking Scheme permit to officers, but on closer inspection, police noticed the permit was a colour photocopy and several numbers had been changed.

The driver said the permit belonged to the vehicle’s owner, however a check from police indicated the owner had no registered disabilities.

The vehicle and fake permit used by the female driver. Source: Traffic and Highway Patrol Command - NSW Police

“No integrity,” the woman quipped as police handed her a $572 fine and one demerit point for stopping in a disabled parking area.

Police seized the fake permit.

NSW Police’s Traffic and Highway Patrol Command took to Facebook on Saturday to share the incident, sparking a wave of comments roasting the driver for her audacity.

“If she had any integrity, she wouldn't dare take a space away from a disabled person when she is able to walk,” one person said.

“It's disrespectful and it is entitlement at its finest.”

“This person needs to look up the definition of integrity,” another said.

“The hypocrisy is breathtaking,” one user added.

Last month, a mobility scooter user caused controversy over their use of a disabled parking spot outside a Victorian Bunnings.

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