Woman discovers 'disgusting' reason why washing machine stinks

It is believed the wild weather had contributed to the unusual find in the washing machine.

With much of the eastern coast battered by storms and homes contending with water damage in recent weeks, it appears the wild weather has brought more than just damp conditions.

For one young family the smell of their washing machine had worsened since the storms and despite many "deep cleans" — with mum Amanda even scrubbing it several times a day — the "stink" prevailed in their Gold Coast home.

"Our home had a lot of water damage as well as losing most of our fences from the storm," she told Yahoo News Australia. "[There were] black bits in the washing machine and we did five deep cleans and something was still smelling really bad."

Left, the resident searches for the snake in the washing machine (left). The washing machine was clogged with a black substance (right).
The dead snake in the washing machine was causing the appliance to be covered in 'black gunk'. Source: TikTok

She later found her washing machine clogged up by the black substance and admitted she felt "embarrassed" by its state. Feeling frustrated, she decided to pull the washing machine away from the wall to investigate further.

"So I moved the washing machine to get to the water pipes to clean them out and discovered a dead snake," she said.

Unknown how long 'disgusting' find was inside washing machine

It is unknown how long the snake was inside the machine, and how it got there. But it is likely the snake had been there for several days, with the "black gunk" appearing last week inside the appliance.

The storm was thrown outdoors lying lifeless on the cement.
It is believed the snake died from heat pumps placed inside the home to help remove storm water. Source: TikTok

The resident said she "gagged" when she made the "disgusting" discovery, admitting she was scared of the snake when it was confirmed the animal was in fact real and not a toy placed there by her kids trying to prank her. She asked her partner to retrieve and remove it, choosing not to go near the reptile.

"Oh my God, is it real, is it alive?" she asks as he grabs the snake and throws it out of the laundry.

Snakes on the move during storms

It is unknown exactly what killed the snake, but the resident guessed the heat pumps which were placed inside their home to help remove storm water from their home had contributed to its demise.

There have been increased sightings of snakes since the wild weather, with it likely the reptiles are seeking water due to the heat, and making the most of food trapped inside water sources.

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