Woman discovers dangerous truth about rescue dog

A young woman who rescued what she thought was an injured stray dog has discovered it is actually a wild coyote.

Andrea Athie spotted the stray animal struggling with an injury on the outskirts of Ciudad Victoria in the north-eastern Mexican state of Tamaulipas.

Believing the ‘dog’ had been run over by a car, Ms Athie took it to a nearby vet where it was confirmed the animal had injuries to its hind paws.

A woman discovered the dog she rescued was actually a coyote. Source: CEN / Australscope.

Vets also told Ms Athie that the stray animal was not a dog but a wild coyote.

“When I rescued it, I thought it looked a bit weird but I had no idea it was a coyote,” she told local media.

“I was told it was dangerous, but I insisted it was a dog.

“The coyote was run over by a motorist who did not stop to help the animal. It was limping on the side of the road.”

According to reports, the animal suffered injuries to both its hind paws and is currently being treated by the vet.

The coyote which was believed to be an injured dog was taken to the vet - the owner does want to return the 'dog' to it's 'natural habitat'. Source: CEN / Australscope.

“I never thought my story would be so popular online. We want to return the coyote to its natural habitat but it is not responding to the treatment and we want its paws to fully heal,” Ms Athie said.

“We are searching for alternatives.

“It is a wild animal out of its natural habitat and it appears to be depressed, but we are still trying to treat it.”

– Australscope

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