Woman dies while boarding plane in front of horrified passengers

A businesswoman has died after she fell 15 metres onto the concrete ground below while boarding a plane home.

The victim, named as Beyza Taskiran, died after falling from a boarding bridge at Adnan Menderes Airport in Izmir, Turkey, on December 12.

Ms Taskiran, 32, who was reportedly a marketing manager at an IT company in Antalya province, fell to her death in front of horrified passengers while preparing to board the plane for her return flight to Antalya after attending a tourism fair in Izmir.

Beyza Taskiran sits behind a desk with a laptop in front of her.
Beyza Taskiran died on the tarmac while boarding a plane. Source: Newsflash/Australscope

Local media outlet, Sabah, reported that Ms Taskiran had actually jumped from the boarding bridge on purpose. She died at the scene.

Ms Taskiran was talking on the phone just before the accident happened and had been engaged in a heated conversation on her phone.

Her body was taken to a morgue for autopsy, with the Turkish authorities launching an investigation into her death. That investigation is ongoing.

Adnan Menderes Airport is an international airport that serves Izmir and most of the surrounding province after it was opened in 1987. It serves over 10 million passengers a year.

A boarding bridge is connected to a plane.
Ms Taskiran died at the scene. Source: Sabah

Aussie man dies at airport

Last month, a NSW man died just minutes after arriving at Melbourne Domestic Airport.

Peter Ridgeway's family say they weren't notified of his death, and had no idea anything was wrong until he failed to disembark from the flight once it landed in Newcastle.

Mr Ridgeway's son went to pick him up and was calling him over and over again only to find his phone was off. His mother, Glenda, said she was not notified about her husband's death until about eight hours later when police arrived at their door.

Mr Ridgeway collapsed from heart failure and was pronounced dead inside the terminal.

"Mum was there at the airport when this all happened .. she could've turned around to say goodbye, but she didn't have the chance," the couple's other son, Jeremy, told A Current Affair.

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