Woman delivers own baby on busy roadside

Woman delivers own baby on busy roadside

FIRST ON 7: A Brisbane mother has delivered her own baby in a car, on the side of a busy road.

Kirsten Ivosevac and her husband were on the way to hospital, but their little girl wouldn't wait.

The first photo for the family album shows Baby Ruby on a blanket on the side of a road.

"It's a big shock! I wasn’t overdue, so I didn't expect her to arrive any time soon,” new mum Kristen said.

But the little bub was in a big hurry. Kirsten started having some contractions last night, and told her husband to take her to hospital.

They made it just six kilometres down the road to Kallangur.

"Just making sure she didn't fall on the ground my main concern,” Kristen said.

She went into labour in the passenger seat and Dean dialled triple-0.

DEAN’S TRIPLE-0 CALL: We were hoping to make it to the hospital but it seems to be coming on very quickly.

OPERATOR: Is she pushing?

DEAN: Yeah she's pushing. It's coming out! Oh my god that baby's just come out!

Mum and bub are both healthy but dad, well, he’s in shock.

"Our daughter arrived just as the ambulance pulled up, so Kirsten delivered the baby by herself, it's a real credit to her.”

Dean and Kirsten hope to one day meet the triple-0 operator who was on the other end of the line, to say thanks and introduce him to baby Ruby.

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