Woman comes back to life in morgue

A 62-year-old woman “came back from the dead” in a morgue and was rushed to intensive care.

But she “died again” several hours later because she had suffered from hypothermia while believed to be dead in the Amur region of Russia.

The grandmother had been drinking with relatives at a party in Vasilyevka village when it appeared she had died.

A policeman arrived and certified the woman as dead, say reports.

A local undertaker was called and took her “body” in a hearse to the morgue, but the woman was still alive.

A woman was taken to a hospital in Russia after she started moving while a morgue worker was attaching a tag to her foot. Source: East2West/Australscope

A female morgue worker was fixing a number tag to the foot of the “corpse” when the woman started moving.

“The woman came to life,” she said.

She immediately called an ambulance and paramedics spent 40 minutes resuscitating the woman who had suffered from “extreme cold”, according to chief doctor Mikhail Danilov.

She was taken to intensive care at Belogorsk hospital and died later the same day suffering from “hypothermia”, according to the region’s health ministry.

Medics say if she had received prompt medical care instead of being taken to the morgue, she might have survived.

Mikhail Danilov, chief doctor of Belogorsk hospital, said the woman had suffered from “extreme cold”. Source: East2West/Australscope

An investigation is underway into her death from police and other law enforcement agencies.

A health official said the policeman at the scene had broken rules by failing to call an ambulance and himself certifying the woman as dead.

“The police officer did not call for an ambulance, as required by instructions,” said an official.

“He certified the death on his own, called the undertakers and sent the body to the morgue without accompanying documents.”