Woman charged with alleged murder of ex-partner a 'poster girl' for white supremacism

A woman charged with the alleged murder of her ex-boyfriend is touted as one of the poster girls for Australian white supremacists.

Melony Jane Attwood was reportedly a team leader for Facebook group ‘Aryan Girls United’ and also allegedly had links to the neo-Nazi group Aryan Nations Perth, an Australian chapter of the group.

It's alleged Ms Attwood had links to neo-Nazi groups, she is one of four charged with murder.

Ms Attwood, 35, is one of four charged with the alleged murder of Alan George Taylor.

Mr Taylor, a 42-year-old boiler maker, was found bludgeoned to death in his Girrawheen home in April.

During the investigation police said Mr Taylor was a devoted family man and a law-abiding citizen.

He was found dead in his Arnos Way home about 4.45pm on April 22.

Ms Attwood lived with Mr Taylor and their three-year-old son in Perth.
An attempted graffiti swastika in a Midland carpark. Source: Twitter

Police said Mr Taylor ‘received significant injuries which indicated a high level of violence was used to cause his death’.

Mr Taylor lived with Ms Attwood and their three-year-old son and several other people before his death.

It’s believed homicide detectives are investigating Ms Attwood’s links to the Perth group.

Two other people charged with Mr Taylor’s alleged murder, Robert Wayne Edhouse, 20, and Corey Joshua Dymock, 19, also have alleged links to the Ayran Nations Perth.

Alan George Taylor was allegedly murdered. Four people are in custody over his death.
Mr Taylor was a FIFO worker who lived with Ms Attwood (accused) in Perth.

A fourth male suspect, 17, cannot be named for legal reasons.

It’s reported photos from her personal Facebook account showed the Aryan Nation's Perth flag hung in a backyard as well as a number of swastika symbols.

The Daily Mail reported one message on her account read: “I'm going to start hugging people that I hate so I know what size hole to dig.”

Mr Taylor’s parents have also taken to social media to share their grief over the ‘senseless murder’ of their son.

“Just wanted you all to know WE are Alan Parents (sic) who have had to organise a funeral after he was brutally and senselessly murdered and he was put to rest today his family and true friends are all shattered and heartbroken.”

Mr Taylor's family had suffered a double tragedy within a few months after his uncle had died in the Yarloop bushfires in January 2016.

In the weeks leading up to Mr Taylor’s death, Mr Edhouse was crusading for the group with letterbox drops of supremacist messages to Perth homes.

A Midland carpark was also tagged with graffiti tied to the group.

All four of the accused killers have been remanded in custody and are set to appear in court at a later date.

Police have claimed all four knew Mr Taylor before his death.

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