Woman calls police after 'spooky' discovery under house

Carly Starr took to TikTok after the startling find under her home in Goulburn, NSW.

An Aussie woman has been coaxed into calling the police after a video she posted of a “spooky” discovery under the floorboards of her new home went viral.

Carly Starr recently purchased a 150-year-old house — her first — in Goulburn, NSW, and has been documenting the property’s renovation online, however the complete overhaul took a “creepy” turn earlier this week.

Left, Carly Starr. Right, the bones under the floorboards of her Goulburn, NSW, home.
Carly Starr was startled to find bones under the floorboards of her Goulburn, NSW, home this week. Source: Carly_Starr3/TikTok

Taking to TikTok, Carly said she was pulling up the flooring in one of the rooms when she “found bones under the house”. “Obviously I'm assuming they're animal and not human,” she said before panning the camera to a pile of small bones scattered across the dirt.

“What do you reckon that is? Does anyone know anything about animal bones? It doesn’t seem to have a skull? I dunno,” she continued.

Viewers horrified by bones under house

Unsurprisingly, the footage of the mysterious skeleton horrified social media users, racking up more than a million views in days. Dozens of people convinced it was a pile of human remains urged Carly to call the police.

The pile of small bones under the home's floorboards.
Carly called the police for peace of mind after her video about the bones went viral. Source: Carly_Starr3/TikTok

“Oh girl. Call the police. The fact that there’s no skull could suggest something sinister,” one person wrote. Others said they couldn’t help but notice how relaxed the new homeowner was.

“Being this calm about finding bones under your house is kinda crazy,” someone said, prompting Carly to respond “Nah cause I just thought it was a rabbit or cat.”

A woman who claimed to have a degree in forensic anthropology said she could “guarantee that those are animal bones — likely from a mammal”. “You can tell because the scapula projects sideways and the pelvic bone is extremely elongated (looks like a spoon with a hole in the middle),” she said.

Officer comment prompts call to officers

In follow-up videos, Carly revealed a certain comment did prompt her to contact officers. “I’m sure it’s just an animal skeleton but of course I did what anyone would do in my situation — I made a TikTok about it,” she joked.

“So I just assumed it was like a cat or a possum but all these people were like, ‘Oh, you should just like call the police helpline like just in case it's human’.

However, one viewer who said she was a policewoman convinced her to pick up the phone. “She said you should probably call the police just in case. So of her of all people, I listened and I did,” Carly said, adding that after 20 minutes on hold she left a “rambling” voicemail on the police assistance line.

Officers to examine bones

The following day they rang back, Carly announced in a third update. “[They] contacted the local police station in my area on my behalf and — I’m going away for work for a few weeks — but next time I’m home, I just need to give them a call,” she said.

“They’re just going to quickly send an officer out just to quickly eyeball the bones and make sure they’re definitely not human or I don’t know maybe take one away for some CSI s**t.”

When questioned by some on how she could leave without solving the mystery, Carly said “the bones have probably been there for 20 years so another few weeks while I’m away at work is not going to make a difference”.

“So I guess I’ll post the final update in a few weeks when the police come!”

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