Woman accidentally buys 'stolen' McDonald's chairs on Facebook Marketplace

Marlie Tressler bought the chairs three years ago, but spotted the exact same ones in a store recently.

An American woman who nabbed some dining chairs on Facebook Marketplace three years ago says she's finally learned where they came from after spotting "identical" chairs in a nearby McDonald's store.

Marlie Tressler claims the "cute" black and white striped chairs she has set up in her home were "stolen" from a McDonald's before being flogged online for a profit, but she had no idea until spotting them in a Macca's store.

In a video posted on TikTok last week, Marie said she always wondered where the chairs came from, showing the furniture set up in what appears to be her home. She said she bought all four for US$100 (A$150).

McDonald's black and white dining chair.
The woman claims the dining chairs she bought were stolen from McDonald's. Source: TikTok

After purchasing them from Facebook, the seller "immediately deleted his Facebook page" which "was a red flag," Marie said, but she didn't think much of it until now. "This is what I saw last night in this South Georgia McDonald’s,” she says in the TikTok video alongside a laughing companion in the car.

The video then flashes to the inside of the store and shows chairs stacked up on tables. Several of the chairs appear to match the ones in Marie's home with the same colours, design and style.

"It’s identical. Those are stolen McDonald’s chairs," Marie says through laughter. "McDonald’s, I will kindly return these stolen artefacts to you. I do apologise. I know you’ve been spiralling out of control missing these chairs. Look no further."

Social media reacts to 'stolen' McDonald's chairs

People in the comments couldn't get enough of Marie's story with many agreeing the chairs are "super cute" and encouraged her to keep them.

"At no time did I have any idea where this story was going. Not once. This is great," one person said. "This is so funny," said another.

McDonald's drive thru (left) woman sitting in car looking at camera (right)
TikTok user Marie noticed the chairs in a McDonald's store last week. Source: TikTok

But a handful of people in the comments claimed there's a wholesale shop nearby that sells furniture from local stalls, including McDonald's. They said they might have been from the fast-food store originally, but said they might not have been stolen.

"Sometimes franchisees sell excess furniture or things they don’t need/want. That could be it," one person explained.

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