Woman 'auctions herself' to pay medical bills after car crash

A young woman left badly injured after suffering a car accident is reportedly hoping to raise as much as $A100,000 to pay her medical bills and set herself up, by joining a controversial website to sell her virginity.

The young woman, identified only as 20-year-old Amanda, says she wants to use the money to repay her family who have ended up in debt trying to pay her costs after the accident.

Amanda, from the province of Thurgau in Switzerland, is a part of a disturbing trend which has seen young women in desperate situations, or those simply keen to get a financial leg-up in life, turn to websites where they can auction off their virginity for large sums of money.

While prostitution is perfectly legal in Switzerland, the trend has promoted concerns about the potential for exploitation and the unregulated nature of such arrangements, with some women reportedly making deals for as much as a million dollars.

The controversial websites have risen to prominence in recent years, and gained attention in Australia in 2018 after a Sydney student reportedly became the first Australian to sign up.

Amanda seen auctioning her virginity in a post.
These escort site have a dedicated section for 'virgin auctions'. Source: Australscope

For many, it appears as a last resort to bring in a much-needed windfall.

For Amanda, her trouble started in October 2018 when the 18-year-old rented a car that was being driven by a friend. When he wanted to stop he spotted a parking space, but mixed up the accelerator with the brake causing the car to smash through a fence, landing in a river.

The accident reportedly left her seriously injured and in hospital.

She was abroad at the time, although it is unclear where, and the cost of returning her home, paying for the hire car damage, as well as medical treatment in Switzerland left her family out of pocket, even with the affordable universal healthcare in the country.

She says she is still unable to work, and as a result has now decided to sign up with website Cinderella Escorts for one of its controversial virgin auctions, ostensibly in an attempt to get herself out of a financial bind.

The German-based company claims to have carried out 40 virgin auctions so far including the highly publicised case of the Ukrainian teenager Katja, who arranged a deal with a fitness entrepreneur from Munich for $A 1.4 million.

“The accident made me realise that life cannot be planned,” Amanda said of her decision to use the website.

She added that she had never had a boyfriend, saying: “Anybody who is still a virgin by the time they are 20 always gets funny looks. Virginity no longer has the same meaning as it did before. I don't care who I lose it with.”

She claimed to have not told her family about what she was planning to do, adding the main thing is that it was “the right thing for me”.

- Australscope

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