Woman attacked by deer right outside her home

Woman attacked by deer right outside her home

A Colorado woman was attacked by a deer over the weekend after she put out bird feed, officials said.

The incident occurred on Saturday evening in Silver Cliff. The 67-year-old victim told authorities that the animal gored her legs with its antlers, leaving a large bloody gash. The attack happened just outside the woman’s home.

She said she was able to escape the deer by running inside her home and calling her husband for help. She suffered a puncture wound on her left leg and significant bruising on her right leg.

The woman was transported to a hospital in Pueblo for treatment. Officials did not provide any identifying information for the victim.

Officials spotted two young bucks in the woman’s yard following the attack. The behaviour is common during the deer rut or mating season, authorities said.

Authorities now said they’re on the hunt for the animal, which was described as having two spikes on each antler. If found, it will be euthanized to prevent it from attacking other humans in the future, officials said in a news release from Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

Mike Brown, an area wildlife manager, said there have not been any recent reports of aggressive deer in the city. He added that the nature of the attack caused officials to be concerned that someone in the area had been feeding the deer, which caused it to lose its fear of people.

In Colorado, it’s illegal to feed deer and other wildlife.

“I believe this is a good example of what happens when deer lose their natural fear of humans,” said Mr Brown.

“They become aggressive and dangerous. This is a good reminder that wild animals should always be treated as such and that people need to give wildlife the space they need.

“We’re glad this woman wasn’t more seriously injured.”