Woman arrested over death of father whose body was found rolled up in carpet in Louisiana

Woman arrested over death of father whose body was found rolled up in carpet in Louisiana

A 27-year-old woman has been arrested in connection to a missing man whose body was eventually found wrapped in a rug on the side of a Louisianahighway, according to police.

Tiffany Ann Guidry has been charged with unlawful disposal of human remains and a failure to seek assistance following a person's death.

That person was Nathan Millard, 43, according to police.

Two other individuals have been charged; Derrick Perkins, 45, and Tabbetha Barner, 33, were also arrested and charged with failure to seek assistance. Mr Perkins was additionally charged with unlawful disposal of remains, obstruction of justice, and simple criminal property damage, according to NBC News.

Mr Millard, of Covington, Georgia, traveled to Baton Rogue, Louisiana in February.

During his visit, he planned to attend a Louisiana State University basketball game and meet up with a friend at a pub after, according to Texas EquuSearch, a group that helps find missing people.

However, Mr Millard never returned to his hotel room. Security footage captured him near a Greyhound station, and police believe that a guard at the station offered to call him an Uber.

Police would later find the man's phone and wallet discarded a few blocks away.

Mr Millard's body was discovered more than a week later, rolled up in a rug on the side of a highway.

A full autopsy is still pending, though initial reports suggest there was no foul play involved.

The three suspects in police custody maintain that Mr Millard was engaged in an alleged drug binge during his time in the city, according to local news broadcaster WVLA.

Mr Perkins told police that he met Mr Millard on the morning of 23 February. He said he was approached by Mr Millard and two companions and said the trio wanted to buy drugs off of him.

He said the four of them cruised around Baton Rouge getting high.

Police believe he may have died from an overdose.

Mr Millard was a father of five, including a seven-year-old daughter, according to WXIA.