Woman, 28, PARALYSED after visit to chiropractor

A 28-year-old woman was rushed from a chiropractor straight to the hospital after she sought treatment for lower back pain and is now paralysed.

On June 16, Caitlin Jensen went to a chiropractor to help alleviate some lower back pain, however, immediately after her neck was adjusted, she became ill.

Ms Jenson was rushed from the chiropractor to the emergency room in an ambulance, a GoFundMe states.

"Once there, tests revealed she suffered a brain bleed. The stroke led to cardiac arrest and loss of pulse for over 10 minutes, after which she was revived," the GoFundMe said.

"Once the doctors could stabilise Caitlin, she was rushed to surgery, where they were shocked to learn that 4 arteries had been dissected. They were able to repair some tears and placed a stent in one artery."

Pictured is 28 year old Caitlin Jensen who was rushed to the hospital following an appointment at the chiropractor.
Caitlin Jensen was rushed to the hospital while at a chiropractor. Source: GoFundMe

Ms Jensen's mum turned to her Facebook friends for support, asking them to pray for her "baby girl".

"Please pray / send love / whatever you do – please do it for my baby girl. She is having a severe medical emergency and we need all the help we can get right now," she wrote on June 17.

Ms Jensen is now recovering in the ICU in a hospital in the US state of Georgia, still in a critical condition. The trauma left her with a brain injury.

The 28-year-old is conscious and is able to communicate by blinking and giving a thumbs up, however she is only able to move her left side slightly.

The rest of her body is in a state of paralysis.

Doctors believe chiropractor visit caused injuries

Ms Jensen's mother Darlene Jensen told Channel 2 Action News staff at the hospital agreed Caitlin's injuries are a result of her visit to the chiropractor.

"The surgeon that performed the surgery on her that saved her life, and every other doctor that has looked at her, have all agreed that this happened as a direct result of the neck manipulation," she said.

"The chiropractor called 911 and then called me and told me that she was ‘having a reaction to the treatment'."

Ms Jensen has been giving updates on her daughter's recovery on Facebook and documenting the progress she is making.

Pictured is Caitlin Jensen in hospital
Ms Jensen is paralysed and is making small improvements. Source: Facebook

"A few days ago, Caitlin lifted her left arm from the elbow and threw a little ball. Now, she can lift her upper arm. Yesterday, she was able to grasp a tissue and wipe her mouth," the most recent update said.

"These are enormous accomplishments for her! She can also turn her head to the right. She cannot willingly move her right limbs YET, but we have hope that she will be able to reconnect those pathways in the brain (or make new ones)."

Before the fateful visit to the chiropractor, Ms Jensen graduated from university with a degree in Chemistry and Biology.

She had already worked in Alaska at a science centre and was looking forward to taking on more challenging roles in the future.

The GoFundMe was set up to help cover the cost of her recovery and rehabilitation.

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