'Strange accident': Woman, 24, falls to her death at rooftop party

A 24-year-old woman has fallen to her death at a rooftop party.

Cameron Perrelli was at a party in East Village, New York, on Saturday about 3am (local time) when police said she tried to cross from one building to another but slipped off the ledge and fell to her death down an airway, New York Daily News reports.

The investigation into her death is ongoing.

Cameron Perrelli, 24, is pictured with a friend.
Cameron Perrelli, 24, (left) died after falling from a building during a party. Source: Facebook/ Cameron Perrelli

Her dad Louis Perrelli told ABC7 it was a “strange accident” and doesn’t understand why his daughter would try to cross between the buildings.

“My daughter would never risk her life,” Mr Perrelli said.

The building where Ms Perrelli fell is a six-storey mixed-use apartment building with a penthouse and a private terrace.

Two East Village apartment buildings in New York are pictured.
Ms Perrelli was in the building on the left but tried to cross over to another one. Source: ABC7

There are concerns from city officials that many rooftop parties in the city are exceeding safe occupancy limits.

NYC Council member Carlina Rivera said Ms Perrelli’s death “shows just how dangerous overcrowded or mismanaged rooftop parties have become”.

Two East Village buildings in New York are pictured.
It's not clear if this is the exact air gap (circled) but Ms Perrelli is believed to have fallen through one of these to her death while trying to cross. Source: ABC7

On Facebook, friends and family mourned Ms Perrelli’s death.

Her uncle Steve Perrelli wrote of how his family “lost a true angel”.

“You were/are a shining star I will always cherish,” he wrote.

“I am lost without you in my life. You’ve always made me proud of your accomplishments.”

Cameron Perrelli, 24, is pictured.
Ms Perrelli has been remembered 'an an angel'. Source: Linkedin

Others called her death a “tragedy” and “completely heartbreaking”.

Ms Perrelli’s dad told NY Daily News his daughter “was perfect”.

“She was always the designated driver, the good person, the peacemaker. She was an angel — that good,” he said.

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