Winners of Moana Hope book competition

Sunday Night is pleased to announce the 25 winners of Moana Hope's autobiography, My Way. Thank you to all who entered.

Moana's book will be in book stores from April 3rd.

Watch Moana's full Sunday Night interview


Tanya Cox WA

Taya Bowman QLD

Emily Consiglio VIC

Zoe Crain NSW

Kelly Wooster VIC

Brook Ward VIC

Kelly Asling VIC

Olivia Edmonds NSW

Zoee Vasiliadis VIC

Michaela Carins TAS

Charmaine Johns NSW

Darci Hudson VIC

Caitlin Dennis VIC

Jade Crotty VIC

Danielle West VIC

Tia Halls SA

Kaitlyn Mills VIC

Priscilla Cauchi VIC

Mia Graf VIC

Giselle Adler QLD

Kylie Brennan WA

Poppi D’Angelo VIC

Blayze Bell VIC

Jacqueline van Akker QLD

Brenda Sudholz VIC