Winners of Benny Andersson's 'Piano' competition

ABBA co-founder Benny Andersson's album 'Piano' takes you on a journey through his acclaimed and celebrated career. Songs from ABBA, his musicals and other solo-compositions are re-interpreted as you have never heard them before, performed unaccompanied by just Benny himself.

Thank you to all those who entered our Sunday Night competition to win one of 50 copies of 'Piano' - and congratulations to our winners!

Click here to watch our ABBA special


Mark Roberts QLD
David Wilson NSW
Paula Hassan VIC
Maria Tizzone NSW
Jodie Ugrinic QLD
Erin Morris QLD
Charmaine Jameson VIC
Rene Kling TAS
Jason Tuazon-McCheyne VIC
Ben Parsons VIC
Alyce Callaghan QLD
Wendy Purdie SA
Anne Williams SA
Michael Vincent NT
Alan Stone WA
Natalie Palmowski VIC
Claire Hein NSW
Malin Frick NSW
Tracey Dwyer VIC
Vic Mazzone VIC
Denis Monteiro ACT
Sarah White QLD
Maddison Bice NSW
Joy Davis VIC
Belinda Iannelli VIC
Julia Barnes QLD
Illona Bebbington VIC
Julie Hall QLD
Nicola DiBona NSW
Nerida Rose Falcon NSW
Brenton Seabrooke NSW
Melissa Grant QLD
Dianne Jakobi VIC
Kate Young VIC
Debra McPartlan VIC
Adam Luczak NSW
Martin Stauber NSW
Dani Steele VIC
Lyn Jones NSW
Blake Nichol NSW
Madison Carroll VIC
Lynda Jacobsen VIC
Carol Bartolo VIC
Carolina Gacovski VIC
Stephen Cuerel QLD
Cisca Abraham QLD
Caroline Pincott VIC
Karen Ralph NSW
Angela Sullivan NSW
Steve Fish WA