‘Win together or lose separately?’: French left calls for unity ahead of snap elections

The leaders of France’s main leftwing parties, including firebrand three-time presidential candidate Jean-Luc Mélenchon, have called for unity in the run-up to snap legislative elections set for June 30 and July 7. However, discussions about an electoral coalition and a common platform may be difficult, especially with just three weeks of campaigning before the first round.

Unifying after months of campaigning on their differences – that’s the challenge faced by the French left after President Emmanuel Macron’s surprise decision to dissolve the National Assembly following the shocking gains by the far right in Sunday’s European Parliament elections.

The leaders’ calls for union were accompanied by messages addressed to LFI leader Mélénchon and his party. “We need a coalition that brings together people capable of agreeing in a democratic way. There will be no alignment with anyone,” said Faure. “A coalition is not a leader deciding for everyone else, it’s a permanent dialogue, a democratic and fraternal way of working.”

The parties also agreed to field a single NUPES candidate in each of France's 577 legislative districts.

This strategy helped enable 151 NUPES candidates to win Assembly seats in a vote that saw RN candidates win 89.

A new ‘Popular Front’?

With or without LFI and Mélenchon's participation, agreement on a common platform is far from assured, as the NUPES platform has fallen apart since it was established in 2022.

Other voices in LFI were heard on Sunday night.

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