Can you spot the giant four-metre crocodile in this photo?

Sharp-eyed wildlife officials are on the hunt for a giant four-metre crocodile after spotting it during an ariel inspection of waterways.

The picture released by the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection (EHP) was taken during a 'croc check' in Far North Queensland.

It was one of two saltwater crocodiles spotted by the helicopter near Mareeba earlier this week, but would you have clocked the croc?

A crocodile said to be about four metres long has been spotted in an aerial inspection. Source: Department of Environment and Heritage Protection

Lindsay Delzoppo, a director at EHP said, “This large animal has never been reported to EHP on its crocodile sighting phone number but local residents have reported reliable advice of a 'big saltie' in the area.”

Two saltwater crocodiles were seen from the air in an aerial inspection of waterways near Mareeba. Source: Department of Environment and Heritage Protection

Mr Delzoppo has now said permission will be sought from the property owner to access the land and remove the crocodile from Lake Mitchell.

The other reptile spotted during this particular check was seen at Two Mile Creek and is said to be just over two metres in length.

"EHP has already targeted that animal for removal and the removal effort is continuing," Mr Delzoppo said.

One crocodile seen from the air was about four metres in length. Source: Department of Environment and Heritage Protection

An attempt to remove a 60 centimetre estuarine crocodile reported at Mareeba in a farm dam is also underway.

Four estuarine crocodiles have been removed from Mareeba waterways so far this year.

Mr Delzoppo said, "While there are known to be freshwater crocodiles in the Two Mile Creek area Mareeba is not recognised as typical habitat for estuarine crocodiles.

"That's why the Queensland Government takes reports of sightings in this area very seriously and I urge the community to assist our wildlife officers by reporting any crocodiles they see in this area to EHP on 1300 130 372."

The department said it is important that people do not handle crocodiles and is urging people to contact wildlife officers to respond.

The Queensland Crocodile Management Plan now allows for the targeting of crocodiles for removal within parts of the Mareeba Shire, including Two Mile Creek, while the rest of the Mareeba Shire remains a general management zone.