Why this 'perfect' horse's picture sparked vets' warning to breeders

Yahoo UK

Vets have warned of the dangers of breeding ‘cartoon-like’ horses after a stable released images of a horse it described as ‘perfection’.

The nine-month-old colt, called El Rey Magnum, was bred on Orrion farms – and has a strange, concave profile, like a cartoon animal.

El Ray Magnum was bred by Orrion Farms in the US. Photo: Orrion Farms

It was promoted with a glossy video proclaiming, "You won’t believe your eyes!"

Experts have warned that the animal might find it difficult to breathe and even to exercise, according to the Telegraph.

Tim Greet of Rossdales Veterinary Service, in Newmarket, said that the horse, "takes things to a ridiculous level".

Greet told Veterinary Record magazine, "Dogs (like man) can mouth breathe, but horses can only breathe through their nose. I suspect exercise would definitely be limited for this horse."

The animal could have suffered a range of health issues, experts warned.

Doug Leadley, a breeding advisor for Orrion, said, "This horse is a stepping stone to getting close to perfection."

Leadley brushed off criticisms of the horse, saying, "I think most of those people don’t breed horses, or show them or aren’t very involved – those are people who don’t understand."