Why Domino's Pizza refuses to deliver to this suburb

When you work as a pizza delivery person, you probably expect to be greeted by people experiencing a range of emotions: hunger, excitement, maybe mild irritation at why it's taken so long for the pizza to arrive.

But anger? Why would anyone be angry at the pizza delivery guy (or girl?) Doesn't everybody love pizza?

That's what one West Australian branch of Domino's Pizza must be asking themselves right now.

One Domino's outlet is refusing to deliver pizzas at night. Source: 7 News

They've had to adopt drastic measures, banning home deliveries to the Bunbury suburb of Withers.

Sick of their delivery cars being pelted with rocks as they drive around the suburbs delivering tasty slices to hungry punters, night-time call-outs are off the menu - for now.

A spokesperson for Domino's says the store will provide discounted pick-up meals for Withers residents until they decide to resume home deliveries.

Anyone with information on the attacks on drivers is encouraged to call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.