Wholly cow, croc hits jackpot

The crocodile grabs its prey. Picture: Jeremy Rooke

An East Kimberley "croc stalker" has captured one of the deadly reptiles snaring a whole cow for its larder.

Jeremy Rooke spends his spare time getting up close to crocodiles all over the East Kimberley.

But last week at King River, even he was amazed when he saw this 4m saltie drag a full-grown cow into the water.

"I went back the day after and there was a croc at least two metres longer than that one there as well," Mr Rooke said. "I took my parents from Perth and they were totally shocked.

"When my mum saw the big one she jumped back in the car."

The cow was alive when he first saw it but soon stopped moving.

"Not a nice way to go," he said.

"That spot is frequented by people camping close to the river, which is a worry given the size of some of the crocs."

Mr Rooke, of Wyndham, said the late crocodile hunter Steve Irwin inspired him to stalk crocs as a hobby. Though he says the region is perfect for his passion, his wife is "often concerned" when he comes home a little late.

But it has led Mr Rooke to photograph some of the Kimberley's biggest crocs, including one at Wyndham boat ramp two years ago estimated to be 6-7m.

Now he is taking his hobby to the next level with a remote control helicopter camera.

His work can be seen at crocstalker.com or Facebook.

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