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WhatsApp is finally adding picture-in-picture support for iOS video calls

Meta first began testing the feature late last year.

Chesnot via Getty Images

Meta has begun rolling out a major iOS update for WhatsApp. Spotted this week by 9to5Mac, WhatsApp version 23.3.77 finally adds picture-in-picture support for video calls. That’s a feature iOS users of Meta’s chat app have asked for a while and one that, as The Verge notes, the company began testing at the end of last year.

As with PiP modes on other platforms, WhatsApp will minimize your video call when you look at a different app, allowing you to multitask while still seeing the person you’re chatting with over the service. If you can’t access PiP immediately, Meta notes the feature, and other enhancements introduced with WhatsApp’s latest update, will roll out “over the coming weeks.”

Speaking of other features, WhatsApp 23.3.77 also allows you to add captions to documents you send over the app. Additionally, Meta has tweaked group chat settings, allowing you to add longer subjects and descriptions to better describe what your chat groups are all about. There’s also a new option to create an avatar you can use for your profile photo and stickers.