What's Patrick Mahomes doing? Watching a Patrick Mahomes marathon on NFL Network

Life is pretty good for Patrick Mahomes.

The Kansas City Chiefs quarterback is the youngest quarterback to ever win Super Bowl MVP. He’s the youngest player to win a regular-season NFL MVP award and a Super Bowl. He’s the future of the league, and probably the present too. Before long, he’s going to sign an extension and if he wants to play hardball, it’ll be the largest contract in the history of the NFL.

He’s also one of the most personable players in the NFL on top of everything else, so nobody would think bad of him for watching his own marathon of great games on NFL Network on Monday.

Patrick Mahomes was enjoying ‘Mahomes Marathon’

There’s not a lot of ready-made programming for NFL Network this time of year, so it decided to play some of Mahomes’ greatest games in a marathon that will stretch to Tuesday morning.

And Mahomes was watching. His Instagram story on Monday showed his television (with all his awards on top of the TV) and the Chiefs’ 2018 game against the San Francisco 49ers on, when he zoomed in on the corner of the screen that said “Mahomes Marathon.” The caption was, “Crazyyyyyyy.”

It’s good to know that even Mahomes can see how absurd it is that he’s 24 years old and has enough great games and enough cache to have his own NFL Network marathon. Even crazier that it’s well deserved already.

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes cheers with the crowd during a parade through downtown Kansas City after Super Bowl LIV. (AP Photo/Reed Hoffmann)

Mahomes off to a great career start

It’s a pretty fun list of games for the Mahomes marathon (h/t to Chiefs Wire):

  • Chiefs at Chargers 2018, Week 1

  • Chiefs at Steelers 2018, Week 2

  • 49ers at Chiefs 2018, Week 3

  • Chiefs at L.A. Rams 2018, Week 11

  • Ravens at Chiefs 2019, Week 3

  • Texans at Chiefs 2019, AFC divisional playoff

  • Titans at Chiefs 2019, AFC championship game

  • Chiefs vs. 49ers, Super Bowl LIV

And if we’re being honest, NFL Network probably could have picked about eight more games and stretched into Wednesday if it wanted.

It’s not outlandish to say we’re witnessing the best start to a career in NFL history. At very least, it’s a short list. In a few years, NFL Network might have to start a second channel to show all of Mahomes’ great games.

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