What you could buy with your $150m Powerball winnings

From superyachts to private jets and diamonds belonging to royalty here's how you could spend up big.

With Aussies flooding newsagents across the country in the lead up to the second biggest lottery draw in Australia’s history, there’s one tantalising topic on the tip of everybody’s tongue.

If you won the $150 million Powerball, how would you spend the money?

The Lott is expecting thousands of entries to pour in every minute at lottery outlets and online ahead of Thursday night’s draw, with up to half of all adults predicted to give it a punt.

Why Powerball winner collected an extra $7m
Why Powerball winner collected an extra $7m

But the thought that just one lucky person could take out the total prize pool and become the biggest ever lottery winner in Australia is enough to get our minds racing.

“It's amazing,” The Lott spokesperson James Eddy told Yahoo News Australia. “The largest winner that we've had so far was a Sydney nurse back in 2019 who pocketed $107 million. Last year we did see a Bankstown dad take home $100 million in a draw in October. He was the sole division one winner and only just missed out on taking home the gong as the biggest lottery winner of all time.

“If one person did take it home, I mean, not only would $150 million change your life but being able to say that you're the biggest lottery winner in Australian history would be pretty nice.”

Luckily in Australia we don't have to pay tax on our lottery winnings, so if you were feeling silly, you could spend your big win in one go.

So, if you won the division one prize, how much bang could you get with your buck?

Lachlan Murdoch’s superyacht

The superyacht Sarissa being built at the Vollenhove shipyard in the Netherlands.
Sarissa was pictured out of the shed for the first time in preparation for her launch at the Vollenhove shipyard in the Netherlands. Source: Super Yacht Times

The News Corp heir allegedly put down $150 million for the latest in his line up of luxury superyachts that’s taken over half a decade to build.

Constructed by a Dutch company, Royal Huisman, and dubbed Project 404, the vessel boats room for 10 guests and 10 staff, with an al fresco dining area, wet bar and multiple entertaining areas, as well as a beach club with a pool.

Picasso painting

The painting Dora Maar au chat being auctioned.
Dora Maar au chat was sold at a Sotheby's auction in 2006 for $145,000,000. Source: Sotheby's

After being hidden from the public for almost 40 years, Dora Maar au chat — painted by Pablo Picasso in 1941 — was sold at auction for $145,000,000.

However, that was in 2006 so you might need to save a bit more before trying to pick up the painting of the artist's muse, Surrealist photographer Dora Maar, sitting on a chair with a black cat on her shoulder.

British mansion

The outside of Denham Place in Buckinghamshire.
Denham Place in Buckinghamshire is up for grabs for $144,920,000. Source: Savills

With 12 bedrooms, 14 bathrooms, 12 reception rooms and both a family and catering kitchen, you’ll have plenty of space to stretch out in this grand Grade 1 Listed manor house in the Buckinghamshire countryside.

Dating back to 1688, Denham Place is among the UK’s most important country houses and has hosted everyone from imperial families to politicians, bankers and movie producers.

Short of being called a palace, there is nothing this manor house doesn’t have, with a coach house, estate cottage and sunken garden all found on the grounds all for $144,920,000.

Private island

Pumpkin Key island.
Pumpkin Key island could be yours for $144,500,000. Source: Private Islands Inc

For just $144,500,000, lotto winners could get their hands on an actual island in the US.

Pumpkin Key in Florida consists of 26 acres in the tropics of Card Sound Bay, and offers up a lush and vibrant landscape with endless possibilities for development.

Already on the island is a home with three bedrooms, two caretakers cottages, a dock master’s apartment, 20-slip marina with room for a superyacht and tennis courts.

Wittelsbach-Graff Diamond

The Wittelsbach-Graff Diamond.
The Wittelsbach-Graff Diamond was sold to the Qatari royal family for more than $121,000,000. Source: Robert Weldon/GIA

It’s believed King Philip IV of Spain was the first to own the blue Wittelsbach diamond after it was discovered in an Indian diamond mine in the 1600s.

It was then transferred to the Austrian royal family after his daughter Magarita Teresa married Emperor Leopold I in 1664. After being part of the crown jewels for centuries, jeweller Laurence Graff bought and controversially recut the jewel in 2008, before selling it to a member of the Qatari royal family in 2011 for over $121,000,000.

Private jet

A private jet flying.
This could be yours for $92,000,000. Source: Gulfstream

Live like the ultimate multi millionaire with your very own private jet to get you around the world.

Starting at $92,000,000, the Gulfstream G650 will fit into your budget with some cash left over for, and with room for 19 passengers and the ability to sleep up to 10, you’ll have space to fit your friends and family.

A couple of castles

A castle on an estate.
Live like a King or Queen at this French estate. Source: Sotheby's

You won’t have to play pretend at Lotto royalty if you nab a castle or two.

Located in a resort town called Villefranche-sur Mer on the dashing French Riviera, Belle Époque was built in 1911 and completely renovated in 2016.

With exceptional sea views, several terraces, six bedrooms, four bathrooms, multiple living rooms, a caretaker’s house and a home gym, this marble floored luxury estate could be your new home for $77,800.

Meaning you could definitely afford to buy another.

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