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Westminster Dog of the Year 2023: How to vote for your favourite pup

The Westminster Dog of the Year competition is back! (The Kennel Club)
The Westminster Dog of the Year competition is back! (The Kennel Club)

There aren’t many things more adorable than our furry companions, whose favourite things in life are cuddles, walkies, treats, and naps.

In recognition of this and the irreplaceable bond we share with our pups, every year parliamentarians and dog lovers gather at the Westminster Dog of the Year competition.

The winners of the fierce competition, who take home a prestigious award, are determined through a public vote.

Here is a look at what this paw-fect event is, what it celebrates, and how you can vote to have your say.

What is Westminster Dog of the Year?

Westminster Dog of the Year is an annual competition that sees The Kennel Club and Dogs’ Trust celebrate the MPs who are passionate about our furry friends and whose work addresses canine issues and policies.

The nominees consist of these MPs and their dogs and the winner gets to take home the Sir David Amess Pawblic Vote Award, an accolade that commemorates the late Tory MP who worked to improve and protect canine welfare throughout his lifetime.

The event is a great way to raise awareness of key issues about the wellbeing of pups, too. In the past, issues that have been highlighted included fireworks’ negative impact on dogs, for instance.

When and where is Westminster Dog of the Year?

This year’s competition is set to take place on Thursday, September 14.

The exhilarating competition will be set in Westminster’s Victoria Tower Gardens.

How to vote

Voting for your favourite parliamentarian and puppy duo is easy!

All you have to do is head to The Kennel Club’s website and select the pair you would like to support before hitting the submit button.

Who are this year’s nominees?

This year’s nominees are as below.

  • Peter Gibson MP and Clemmie

  • James Daly MP and Bertie

  • Suzanne Webb MP and Sidney Pickles

  • Fay Jones MP and Truffle

  • Ruth Edwards MP and Clemmie

  • Marion Fellows MP and her Dogs Trust Companion

  • Jane Stevenson MP and her Dogs Trust Companion

  • Selaine Saxby MP and Henry

  • Anna Firth MP and Lottie

  • Patricia Gibson MP and her Dogs Trust Companion

  • Rebecca Harris MP and Lola

  • Anna McMorrin MP and Cadi

  • Mims Davies MP and TJ

  • William Wragg MP and Dolly

  • Richard Bacon MP and Beaufort

  • Jeremy Hunt MP and Poppy

  • Rosie Duffield MP and Paco

  • Darren Henry MP and Poppy

  • Mark Fletcher MP and Delta