Costco Should Hire This Fan STAT For Their Genius Shopping Cart Upgrade

Costco shopping cart with shopper
Costco shopping cart with shopper - Macky Albor/Shutterstock

In the long, sepia-toned age before the internet, true genius often went unheralded as the greatest minds of innumerable generations toiled in obscurity. Happily, those days are over, and now we regularly get to witness acts of mad brilliance right at our fingertips. One such act comes to us today, as a user going by the handle "goodvibezone" posted a DIY project on Reddit that will immediately fill the hearts of Costco shoppers with an equal mix of joy and desire. They made a cart tray for their food, and their drink, and ... well, everything else they needed for shopping.

This savvy shopper -- and their clever mind -- figured out a way to let us shop while at the same time enjoying Costco's amazing hot dog deal on the go. Obviously it's designed for eating (there's a raised edge to keep food from falling off) and drinking (it has a cutout for a drink holder) while shopping. It goes even further, though, with a slot for the phone in the handle and a long, thin, retractable stand on the corner to hold up the receipt on the way out the door. They really did think of everything.

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The Cart Food Tray Looks Pretty Simple To Construct At Home

Costco hot dog on food court menu
Costco hot dog on food court menu - ZikG/Shutterstock

The best part is, none of this looks all that difficult to make on your own. All this construction appears to require is some wood, some glue, part of a pool noodle, and paint for decorating. True, they use a table saw and an electric sander, but neither of those can exactly be considered high-end specialty equipment. The end result is a creation which can easily be strapped onto the handle of any Costco cart, apparently resting sturdily and stably over the top basket. Another Reddit user pointed out that the inventor could sell these, and they're absolutely correct.

Let us assure you that no part of this is sarcasm: This creation is legitimately a thing of wonder. It's too bad those old Bud Light Internet Heroes of Genius commercials don't exist any more, because this would be a perfect opportunity for new one. Now if only Costco would stop cracking down on non-members eating at the food court.

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